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OMPU Elite Compression tights are OMPU's most advanced pants. The gradient compression is designed to provide full benefits to the legs. Compression throughout is important for the best effect to the cardiovascular system.  The tights were designed to provide extra support for the IT Band and Knee, which was done by reinforcing them with a double-layer of compression fabric. 

OMPU is the only Scandinavian brand that has designed and developed compression tights measured in a laboratory.  OMPU Elite Compression is used by elite athletes during training, recovery and competition.  Some of the benefits include:

- Secure recovery
- Better blood circulation
- Supports vibrations in the muscles (reduces muscle vibration during activities)
- Cools down the body
- Minimizes resistance from clothing (especially when wet)

How does compression clothing work?

Compression clothing increases the pressure on the body, which increases blood flow and gives more oxygen to working muscles.  Slag during tough exercise moves faster, causing lactic acid to disappear faster. 

Compression has long been used for medical purposes.  A key effect is that it helps speed up recover after exercise.  One can advantageously wear OMPU Elite compression all night, speeding up and improving the recovery process. Increased blood flow also makes the body cool down faster. The self-cooling effect, plus the material being quick drying, makes these pants comfortable to work in under warmer conditions. 

When to use compression clothes?

You can use compression clothes at any time, however it's extra effective during and after a tougher workout.  In explosive exercises like interval training, crossfit, other strength training, OMPU Elite provides compression with a strong sense of support. Above all, long distance running and explosive activities are where the material can help you the most. 

Compression produces less vibration in the muscles, which reduces the stress of the body's muscles.  In addition to the aforementioned advantages, compression gives a comfortable feeling in case of damage.  Do not undervalue a supported workout experience! 

 Our gradient compression has specific levels of elasticity measured in a laboratory. The compression is better controlled and we can show how much pressure the compression produces?

The studies made indicate that the use of compression clothing can extend the time to fatigue at max performance. 

Although a number of studies noted athletes who used compression clothes after exercise say they felt less alert and lacked energy for their workout the following day, athletes who work hard several times a week have also said that they feel that they feel more excited about daily exercise if they have used compression clothing as part of their recovery process.  There are also scientific studies showing similar results. 

Latest news in scientific studies says that compression has a very good effect on injuries and inflammation.